Strangely Liberating

I was hit with malware – bad… I discovered it when my computer, even with the browser closed, began to air something like radio broadcasts.  I brought it in the next morning to have it cleaned out.  It took over a week – eight days exactly.

I use my computer for just about everything.  It’s my home computer and my work computer.  I was fortunate that this past week I didn’t have to preach or write worship.  Although, I had to write my sermon for May 12 longhand.  I also had to write my notes for my weekly television show by hand as well.  Some stuff I had to do on the computer, I was able to do on the church office’s computer.

Although this was the longest I’ve been without my computer in years, it is not as though this was the first time I’ve been without it for several days.  When I go on vacation, I usually don’t take a computer.  But not taking a computer is by choice.  This time, however, I was forced.

Not having my computer for just over a week was strangely liberating.   I sort of missed it, but then, not really.  I didn’t get onto Facebook, which leaves me feeling a little left out of the lives of people who I don’t see during the week.  I didn’t checked my e-mail for over a week.  I had over 500 e-mails when I got the computer back.  Rather than spend time on the computer, I was able to read a little more and got to watch some television.  I was even able to get out to do more pastoral visits.

I also found my writing process was more methodical writing longhand.  I also found that when I was blocked in my writing, I would have to stop.  I didn’t have the distraction that online access gives me (reading the newspaper, playing with FB, that sort of stuff).  I actually got out of my chair and had to do something physical.

I can’t say that I wasn’t feeling some effects by the end of the week.  I started to get a little antsy about the work I had to do.  I also had a mild scare that my documents were lost, but it turns out the techs forgot to reload my files.  In turn, I had visions of having to recreate years of work.  (I know, I know … I have to backup)

Anyway, things are sort of back.  I had to reinstall and reconfigure Outlook and am still missing dozens of address.

I thought I’d have missed my computer more, but was relieved I didn’t.  Still, it felt as though I was a sort of handicapped in my week.


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Eclectic interests: religion, technology, food, music, current events. I live in the reality-based world.
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