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Graduation: Expense or Investment?

Today I attended the graduation of eight men (plus one who was already released) who took a course offered by Berkshire Community College at the Berkshire County House of Corrections.  They learned about landscaping.  I was one of the instructors; … Continue reading

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Stop this Madness

Trump exposed the GOP. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, asked for “memoranda, notes, summaries, and recordings” pertaining to discussions between Trump and Comey.  It’s a start. The GOP’s indignation over the president’s conduct has been imperceptible.  The … Continue reading

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100 Days – Sad

The first 100 days of the new administration was a demonstration of breathtaking incompetence.  President Trump’s lies, racism, personal attacks, ethical failings and just plain meanness made clear that this president is truly unfit for office.  The travel ban targeting … Continue reading

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Good Friday Homily

I know I’ve been a slacker.  I’ve had all sorts of pieces I’ve wanted to post.  Alas, free time has been elusive. This is my homily for today’s Good Friday service.  The service’s centerpiece is a dramatic reading of Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday Communion Liturgy

I will be presiding over the communion table for an ecumenical Ash Wednesday service.  We did this service several years ago when I was at the Baptist church.  We included clergy from the United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church … Continue reading

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Institutional Integrity

I’ve been reading the news with dismay since mid-January.  The Trump administration is one assault after another.  Lies.  Attacks on the judiciary and the mainstream media (these days we need to make a distinction to separate journalism with ethical values … Continue reading

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Vetting: It’s About Corruption

The nominees for Trump’s cabinet are scheduled for Senate hearings.  However, some have not been fully vetted.  Nevertheless, Sen. McConnell set the schedule to confirm Trump’s cabinet before vetting is completed. I listened to Sen. McConnell on the radio today.  … Continue reading

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We Must not Resume Torture

The New York Times (January 5, 2017) reported that Donald Trump believes that torture works. Each day I read news which saddens me.  The direction that the Trump administration seems to lay out through his appointments and his statements will … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Homily

This is my homily for Christmas Eve. The New York Times published the year in pictures the other day. Scanning through them I saw several photos of the presidential election. There were pictures of cities destroyed by violence and war … Continue reading

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We Must Denounce This

This was my sermon this morning based upon Isaiah 2:1-5.  The original title was “Hold Fast to Hope,” but I don’t think so now. The National Policy Institute sounds like a Washington public policy think tank.  Of course there are … Continue reading

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